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FNF vs Sans (Fallen Star) Mod

About FNF vs Sans (Fallen Star) Mod


FNF vs Sans (Fallen Star) Mod is an exciting music arcade in which you have to control the Boyfriend character to fight Sans in Fallen Star in rap battles.

Use the arrow keys to hit musical notes. This is your main mission in this game. Try to hit as many notes as accurately as possible. Avoid missing too many notes if you don't want to lose when the song is not over.

In this game, your opponent is Sans, a character from the Fallen Star anime. He shows contempt for his Boyfriend and challenges him to participate in a rap contest. The Boyfriend did not hesitate to agree to show his ability. Help him to win arrogant Sans.

There are two modes: Story Mode and Free Way. Story Mode allows you to participate in Sans war with 3 difficulty levels including Easy, Normal and Hard while you can play in Stronger, Megalomaniac and Reality Check in Free Play mode.

Features of FNF vs Sans (Fallen Star) Mod

  • The fascinating arcade game with rap battles
  • 2 game modes
  • Vivid graphics

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game