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FNF vs Shaggy v2 MOD Mod

About FNF vs Shaggy v2 MOD Mod


FNF vs Shaggy v2 MOD Mod is a fascinating music arcade game in which you need to use arrow keys to hit music notes to gain more scores to win Shaggy.

This new version of FNF has two modes: Story Mode and Free Play. In Story Mode, you have the opportunity to experience musical battles with 6 different Chapters. Choose the difficulty level that suits your level. Easy, Normal, or Hard levels are all available and waiting for you to choose from. In Free Play, you can experience various stages with outstanding selections such as Where are you, Eruption, Kaio Ken, Whats new, Blast, Super Saiyan, God Eater, Soothing Power, Thunderstorm, Dissasembler, and Astral Calamity.

In the FNF vs Shaggy v2 MOD Mod game, your opponent is Shaggy, a tall and thin guy emitting strange green lights. Come to this game to defeat him and conquer all stages!

Features of FNF vs Shaggy v2 MOD Mod

  • The addictive arcade game
  • Various stages and levels
  • Colourful graphics and cool art animations

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game