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FNF VS Stairs Mod

About FNF VS Stairs Mod


FNF VS Stairs Mod: In this game, you will face Stairs, a mysterious character in the shape of a ladder. You will have to show off your rapping ability by pressing the arrow keys according to the rhythm of the song. If you do it right, you will win and earn Stairs credit. If you do it wrong, you will lose and be chased by stairs.

The FNF vs. Stairs Mod game has highlights such as:

• Creative and original music, with many horror songs, such as Stairway to Hell, Staircase of Doom, Stairwell of Madness, and Stairmaster of Horror.

• Eerie and scary visuals, with many expressions and movements of the characters

• The plot is mysterious and intriguing, with many unexpected details and no ending.

• high difficulty and challenge, requiring you to concentrate highly and have good reflex skills.