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About FNF VS Tabi


FNF VS Tabi is an exciting music arcade for singleplayer. Come to this game to enjoy great songs while competing with Tabi to gain a higher score.

In this game, you will help your Boyfriend compete with Tabi to win his Girlfriend's heart. To play this game, you use the arrow keys to press at the right time to hit the musical notes. The more accurately you hit, the higher your score is. However, avoid missing too many notes if you don't want to lose. The game will also offer two game modes: Story Mode and Free Play. In Free Play mode, you have the opportunity to experience 3 different songs: My battle, Last chance and Genocide. Besides, you can play Tutorial and Curse in Story Mode.

FNF VS Tabi will bring you wonderful entertaining moments thanks to colourful graphics, superb art animations, and attractive gameplay.

Features of FNF VS Tabi

  • The fascinating music battle simulation game
  • 2 game modes for singleplayer
  • Colorful graphics, superb art animations, and attractive gameplay

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How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game