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FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend

About FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend


A new challenge in the FNF game system is FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend. Use your musical sensibility to defeat your opponent. Are you willing to join this battle?

The opponent in this installment

Girlfriend comes to a party with Boyfriend. Unfortunately, they meet Girlfriend’s ex. It’s time to start the battles. Her ex is Tabi who always tries to separate the couple. Now, let’s use your musical ability to defeat him. From that, you can show that you are worth it with your redhead girlfriend. Of course, Tabi is also not an amateur because he also possesses the ability to rap. Don't let him win and get your wish. 

Control guide in FNF Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend

Use the arrow keys to press the suitable icons. The arrows on the keyboard correspond with the colorful arrows on the screen. Therefore, you need to press the arrow at the same time. If you make it too many times, the game will end. Are you confident in your agility and reaction? This game will be a perfect way to prove your skills. Moreover, your skills also can be shown off on fnf mods, FNF vs Impostor Among Us V3 Mod.