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FNF vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend Mod

About FNF vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend Mod


FNF vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend Mod is a music battle between Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend of Tabi. Hit correctly as many music notes as possible to gain victory.

Boyfriend's battle continues with the next enemy being Tabi's ex-boyfriend. He is jealous of the Boyfriend and comes and challenges the Boyfriend. Help your Boyfriend fight him and keep his Girlfriend's heart!

To fight, you need to use the arrow keys to hit the rhythm of the song. The rhythms have been converted to arrows. Type the arrow keys according to the arrows running on the screen one after another. Tabi's ex-boyfriend will challenge first and you do later. Take a close look at what Tabi's ex-boyfriend does and learn from your experience and try to conquer the modes.

There are two modes available: Story Mode and Free Play. Choose the difficulty level that suits you to get the highest score. Easy, Normal, or Hard? Either level will bring you great experiences.

Features of FNF vs Tabi Ex-Boyfriend Mod

  • The attractive gameplay
  • Vivid graphics and superb effects
  • 2 game modes

How to play

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to play the game