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FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories

About FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories


Play music and defeat all opponents in FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories. Are you confident with your musical ability? This game can prove your ability.

Music to relax in FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories

Music always is a good method to relax. No one can ignore the music's attraction. In this game, you have a chance to enjoy many interesting songs. They are Best Friends, Red Flag, Deadly Obsession, Dark Secrets and Confrontation. This game is one of the FNF game systems. It means you can experience other fnf mods games like FNF Vs. Herobrine, Friday Night Funkin' HD, etc.

Fight with a villain in FNF Vs. Tails: Secret Histories

The primary antagonist of the episodes of the Secret History of Sonic & Tails, Secret History Tails, will be fought by this week's lover and girlfriend. A secret past and allegations of tails were discovered by the boyfriend by chance. This is very fantastic and terrifying, and then they engage in a rhythmic war. Boyfriend will have to struggle to control the furry tails' rage. Use enticing music to erase a terrifying connotation from his Sonic.