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FNF vs Tricky Mod [Full HD]

About FNF vs Tricky Mod [Full HD]


FNF vs Tricky Mod [Full HD] is an attractive arcade game in which you need to fight against Tricky by trying to get a higher score in music battles.

The new version of the FNF series returns! In this version, you continue to fight to protect the Girlfriend character by pressing the arrow keys to play the required music. Each time you press correctly, you will get extra points. Try to get more points than your opponent to win. However, if you miss too many notes, you will die before the song ends.

This game is considered one of the most challenging versions of the FNG series with 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. There are two modes: Clown and Free Play. In Clown mode, you have the opportunity to experience the music war with Tricky in Nevada. Try to score higher with great combo breaks. The Free Play mode offers Improbable Outset, Madness, Hellclown and a mode you can only unlock after completing the difficulty level of Story Mode. Challenge yourself with amazing songs in this music game!

Features of FNF vs Tricky Mod [Full HD]

  • The interesting and addictive arcade game
  • Various modes with different levels of difficulty
  • Eye-catching graphics 

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to play this game