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Football Masters

About Football Masters


It's time to prove in Football Masters how much better than the opposition your squad is. Get ready to take your place on the football field by equipping items. Work as hard as you can to score as many goals as you can to hear your name being cheered by your followers.

Due to the game's numerous game modes, enjoyment and competition never end. Regardless of the game style you are playing, your objective remains the same. You must score more goals than your opponent does before the time limit expires. The game mode you want to play must be chosen from the main menu's right side. You may play the game alone or against a friend using the two-player option. There are both competitive and recreational match types available. A scoreboard is located at the top of the screen, and you can see it. Therefore, try to score as many goals throughout each 90-second match as you can.


  • Many games to pick from.
  • Vivid 2D graphics.
  • Options for single-player and two-player games.
  • Logical restraints.
  • A fun game to play.
  • Available 19 distinct national teams.

How to play

In single-player mode, the arrow keys are used to move about as player 1. Press the X and Z keys, respectively, to kick the ball and make a super shot. Player 1 can move around, make super shots with the V key, and kick the ball with the B key in two-player mode. Player 2 can use the arrow keys to move around, the K key to make super shots, and the L key to kick the ball.