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Foxy Land

About Foxy Land


Foxy Land is a fun game that assists a fox to get the girl while avoiding and evading various hazards. Collect berries and diamonds.

Because this game is awesome and fun and you will need to play it a bit to find out how it plays out. A young fox character is trying to find a solution to a problem with the help of his friends when suddenly, they are captured by wolves. You have the ability to bring them back and collect coins, right? You are about to go on an adventure full of dangers and challenges, but you've passed the test! To get three stars, you will need to complete several difficulty levels, collect gems and cherries, and complete each level.

Your one true love has been kidnapped by an evil eagle, and you will have to do all you can to win her back! Your goal is to control your character, pass each stage and accumulate as many cherries and gems as possible along the way. You need to avoid getting caught in different traps and jumping over different obstacles. Go ahead and try to complete each level as fast as you can while collecting all the gifts in it.

Enter the store and use the cherries you've collected to buy new things there. Unlock all of Fox's costumes and see if you have what it takes to make it through all of Foxy Land's challenging stages.

How to play

The controls are extremely simple, to move left and right and jump use the left and right arrow keys and the W key respectively.