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Friday Night Funkin Music Notes


About Friday Night Funkin Music Notes


Friday Night Funkin Music Notes is a free online skill and hidden object music combo game, join to see how many levels you pass!

The characters didn't know how they would live if they had to stop singing during musical battles. But unexpected trouble came from where they didn't expect it. Once the hero woke up and could not find a single note.

Help them bring back all the notes that were hidden in Friday Night Funkin Music Notes. You should rub your eyes well and strain your eyes.

Turns out those bills weren't going anywhere, they were just hiding. If you pay close attention to the pictures, you'll see that they are dressed by the red-haired beauty Illy in the blue-haired rapper's sneakers. Find out the hidden musical notes in the specified pictures. Each level has 10 hidden notes. There are 8 levels in total and go to a new location in Friday Night Funkin Music Notes.

Time is limited so be quick and find all the hidden notes before time runs out.

Clicking in the wrong place multiple times will reduce the time by 5 seconds.

So if you are ready, start the game and have fun!


8 exciting levels.


Use the mouse or touch the screen!