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Friday Night Funkin vs. Annie

About Friday Night Funkin vs. Annie


Friday Night Funkin vs. Annie is an interesting game where you can show your hands' agility. You need to control the character to sing along to the music.

Have you ever thought that you can sing like a pro singer? Friday Night Funkin vs. Annie can make your dream come true. In this game, you have to use arrows to control the character. You need to put the colorful arrows in their suitable positions. You have to battle with an opponent which is a pro singer. If you can't press the arrow keys appropriately, you can be the loser. Try your best to your blood bar is longer than the opponent's. The game has 2 modes which are story and free play. In the story mode, there are 3 levels including an easy level, a normal level, and a hard level for you to choose. In free play mode, you can choose the offered song to play. 

Let’s use your agility to defeat all the opponents. The children can play the game. 

Features of Friday Night Funkin vs. Annie

  • Simple graphics 
  • Fun and exciting game with 2 modes
  • Play the game to kill time 

How to control

  • Use the arrows to control and put the arrow signs in suitable positions