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Friday Night Funkin vs Soft Mod

About Friday Night Funkin vs Soft Mod


Friday Night Funkin vs Soft Mod is a remix that has a lot to admire about this mod, featuring a new storyline, new characters, and remastered music.

This is a top notch all-around conversion mod created on the musical rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). It features a unique storyline, featuring classical and contemporary music, reinvented people and places, over 130 speech portraits and more.

A remix of the original game called Friday Night Funkin' Soft with a new storyline, new characters, and old tunes. With a more detailed story, unique character design, fresh setting, and great musical innovation for the combo once again, FNF Soft takes the basic structure of Friday Night Funkin' and modifies it. in its own way. Learn about Soft Boyfriend, a man trying to realize his dream of becoming an artist. Other people he meets will add to the story and, of course, must be defeated in battle accompanied by rhythmic music. In the world of Friday Night Funkin' Soft, everything at first seems incredibly innocent and wonderful, but the interactions you're about to have will be even better than the last ones.


  • Includes six chapters.
  • The story is completely unique, unlike anything else a mod has ever done.
  • All characters are simulations and there are 16 OST songs (12 playable songs and 4 menu songs).
  • All backgrounds have been restored and are quite beautiful.
  • Image dialogue with emotions (130+)


Play Friday Night Funkin' Soft Online Mod on your PC using WASD or arrow keys. When paying attention to the judgment line, you have to press the keys. Using Enter key, you can start or stop Mod Soft Friday Night Funkin