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Funki Big Brother Friday


About Funki Big Brother Friday


Investigate the enigmatic Funki Big Brother Friday game. To win the music competition, your goal is to produce a distinctive hit.

Use your four buttons and abilities to do this. Everything is rather easy.

Enjoy this new game on Friday night. In this incredible tale, Funki Big Brother is a brand-new game! Play each track's ritual, timing your gaming button presses, and rack up points to prove you're the greatest. Here are all of your favorite characters. Your boyfriend, Big Brother, and a lot more are waiting for you.

Your score will be shown after the game is over. It demonstrates your skill in the musical competition.

It's enjoyable to compete with your buddies. who has the most points.


Features and Goals: Beat Big Brother in a rap battle using the finest tracks, but remember to stay in time and be accurate to increase your score. Game with Music, Levels, and Score As you complete each level, your score will rise. Complete the game by adhering to the beat.


Manage the computer: Utilize the arrow keys on the relevant keyboard. Tablet and smartphone controls: In the region where the colors and arrows are, touch the screen