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Geometry Dash 23

About Geometry Dash 23


Geometry Dash 23 is a new version of the rhythm based Geometry Dash platform game that was published in 2023 and officially launched on the internet platform.

Play the game now to feel the thrill. This game is suitable for players of all ages and has beautiful 2D graphics and simple gameplay. You can get it online for free on our website.

Get ready for amazing adventures in this game. Throughout your trip, you'll take on a number of different characters, such as a cube, ball, spaceship, or UFO. You have to jump over a lot of sharp obstacles to go as far as you can. Careful! because there are so many obstacles. Therefore, if you want to win the game, thinking quickly is very important. Ask the player to jump as high as possible to get rid of the spikes.

Jump rings and jump cushions are frequent attractions throughout the route. Land on them to jump higher. Try your best to earn as many points as possible and the highest score possible. To complete each level with a high score, you must also collect three mystery coins.

How to play

You can use left mouse button or spacebar can be used to jump.