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Geometry Dash DeCodeX


About Geometry Dash DeCodeX


Geometry Dash DeCodeX was created by Rek3dge. This game is a hard demon level rated 10 stars and 3 user coins. Dodge or jump over obstacles to keep safe!

What is Geometry Dash DeCodeX?

It is a remake of his well-known level DeCode, as its name suggests. The design of this level, which was redone in 2.0, is reminiscent to DeCode. Consequently, by using 2.0 textures, the entire design has undergone a considerable change. The triple-speed cube part was replaced with a robot, and a few moving barriers, most notably the moving portals in the triple-speed UFO segment, were added.

Features of Geometry Dash DeCodeX

  • Tons of obstacles along the road
  • You can play this game on your mobile device or desktop
  • This game has simple control and easy gameplay. Besides this game, you can control many other games with easy gameplay such as 18 Wheeler Driving Sim, Hearts Popping, Swing Blocks, FNF Mods, etc.
  • Collect user coins.

How to control

Use the mouse to play.