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Geometry Dash Lite


About Geometry Dash Lite


Geometry Dash Lite is a really fun game. Your goal in this game is to jump and overcome danger with relatively fast speed

Hello and thank you for choosing to play the free version of the game Geometry Dash! It is the sequel to the hugely successful Geometry Dash video game series. Have you ever tried playing this game? Launching this game now will give you a refreshing experience with other games in the running genre. This game will give you many new features that no other game has.

The goal of this game is for you to control your character so that they can avoid hitting any obstacles. The game will end immediately if you get into a collision with one of the obstacles. Along the way, there are many different challenges to overcome. You have the ability to walk on high walls and jump over spikes. In addition, blocks provide risk. When your character collides with them, they will make your character incapacitated. As a direct consequence of this, the game is over. There is no reason to worry on your part if you are not already an expert in this running game. You are not limited in how many times you can play through this game. Plus, the training mode is now available for you to try.

This fun and engaging game features seven unique protagonists. These are the following shapes: Cube, Ship, Ball, UFO, Wave, Robot and Spider. After you have passed through the appropriate portals, you will be able to interact with these individuals. Portals will appear at completely unexpected locations throughout the game. The way each of these characters moves is unique to them.

  • The movement of the cube will be determined by the slope of the game. As you jump, your character spins in the air.
  • It looks like the ship character is flying through the air. You have to click to make the Ship fly to the top, and you have to release the mouse to make it fly to the bottom.
  • Ball's movement ability is completely similar to Ball's movement ability. In addition, the ball will slide down the slope of the game as it plays.
  • The next character in the series with the ability to fly is a UFO. If you want to manage this character while they are in the air, you have to click.
  • Wave is a unique character that can fly in a zigzag pattern thanks to his ability to fly. This person's distinctive way of moving is what has led to the development of this character's unique qualities.
  • The robot figure will walk like other robots while on the ground. To make the character jump, click the button.
  • Spider character moves like spiderman. This figure will move on the ground using his feet.

In addition, each player's character can equip a variety of distinct 'skins'. You have the option to customize your cube character with one of 148 skins and your ship character with one of 51 skins, for example. In addition, you have the ability to adjust the color for each skin. There are 96 different colors available in the palette, making it incredibly versatile. The game's impact on your character is one of its novel aspects. When moving and dying in the next two segments of this game's seven protagonists, you have the option to choose different consequences.

Players can choose one of 15 different play styles of this game. The difficulty level changes depending on the mode you play. In the top right corner of the screen, you will notice the number of stars corresponding to the complexity of that mode. The more stars the mode has, the more challenging it is. Various special settings are available, such as Dry Out, Back On Track, Base After Base and Stereo Madness. In addition, the game options list has a lot of modes for you to choose from. Can you conquer all modes?

How to play

Join this game using your mouse!