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Geometry Dash Meat Rush

About Geometry Dash Meat Rush


Are you ready for a fast-paced game where you can show off your skills? If yes, try Geometry Dash Meat Rush. Game with difficulties will not let you down.

Some stages in Geometry Dash Meat Rush

  • Stage 0-20% -Cube. Here you need to start with the cubes. Time your jump properly to get over the obstacle. You can jump higher and farther with the blue trampoline. You can start jumping at the point where there are small white lights. After the cube accelerates, the gameplay and music become more intense, flashing more often.
  • 20-35% stage. First, you will control the robot and make a big jump. You will be pushed out of the pink sphere, then make another big jump. Followed by a simple click.
  • 35-50%: This section includes an alternate ship and UFO: ships with the light going straight and UFO with 2 clicks on the portal. The part ends with a challenging but short hellish little wave with "E" art.
  • 50-62% -Again, cube. We still follow simple timing on spheres and jumps. However, the difficulty is a bit confusing. The stage comes with the boom and the art of the hungry unit in Minecraft. You can discover many other interesting games on our web such as Geometry Dash Saguaro, Geometry Dash Soundwolf, FNF Mods, Funny Battle Simulator 2, etc.

Game control: use the mouse to play this game.