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Geometry Dash Phobos

About Geometry Dash Phobos


Challenge your skills in Geometry Dash Phobos. Many challenges are waiting for you. Use your skills to overcome tons of deadly obstacles in this game.

More information about Geometry Dash Phobos

It is an Extreme Demon level by KrmaL/Krazyman50, KobaZz, Honeyb, TechneT, GMTsean, Jobet, Eduardo, iBlade, Palery, TerraSmokes, Jo2000, DreamEater, Tygrysek, Iqrar99, Skitten, KuBs0n, Andromeda GMD, Caernarvon725, Razur, WOOGI1411, and Riqirez rated 10 stars.

Geometry Dash Phobos gameplay

0-4% (KoBaZz): The level starts with a cryptic but fairly simple little cube section that requires critical timing, filled with dummy spheres and gravity portals. It is probably the easiest part of the level.

4-8% (Tandrii) (a.k.a. Honeyb): The background and ground turn dark and the player will enter a moderate difficulty wave section, like the Acropolis and requires critical timing. The spikes in the Honeyb's section will change slightly to black and white, then a solid that lasts for a second will appear and turn into a small wave of hard. The path seems to be blocked by a saw blade and requires you to go under, then you will see Honeyb's name.

8-13% (TechneT): Another cube section similar to that of the next KoBaZz but a bit harder and takes longer. The design of this device is similar to the Darnoc Steam Room. It resembles his Demon rated level, called Mechanic Megaforce.

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