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Geometry Dash Shred

About Geometry Dash Shred


Move and move in Geometry Dash Shred! You will help a square to jump over deadly traps in the road. Hitting them can destroy your character, so be careful!

Challenges you face in Geometry Dash Shred

  • You may see obstacles such as spikes, saws, etc which can break your character with one touch.
  • The gaps of this game are deadly traps. If you fall into them, the game will end. All the obstacles and gaps appear constinously, so you must react as quickly as possible.
  • The speed of your square also is faster and faster. The more distance you move, the faster your character roll.

Steer the square in Geometry Dash Shred

Your square will slide automatically, so you just click the mouse to jump it over danger. Sometimes, you don't need to jump. Look at the coming terrain and make correct decisions. Now, let's take part in the adventure of this square character. If you find this adventure, you can explore a new geometry world in fnf mods and Geometry Neon Dash World.

Game control: click the mouse to jump over.