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Geometry Dash Wubister

About Geometry Dash Wubister


Are you ready to face all difficulties in Geometry Dash Wubister? You have to overcome obstacles and spikes along the way. It's time to show your skills.

How to overcome obstacles in Geometry Dash Wubister

You only need to click or touch the screen to move the square and leap over obstacles. To make the proper leaps, you should calculate the distance between your character and the traps. Click the mouse right away to jump over the traps as soon as your character approaches them. When obstacles are too far away, avoid jumping. Your square will fall apart if you make any errors.

Remember the no-touch rule when flying a plane, much like in previous geometric dash games. In these levels, hazards and traps don't just show up on the ground; they also come at you from above. You can only fly between the ceiling and the ground as a result. The game will end if you step on any traps. If you want to play more games, you can move to Julias Food Truck, Geometry Fresh, FNF Mods, Yummy Chocolate Factory, and Ninja Legend.

Game control

Click the left mouse to play this game.