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Giant Rush

About Giant Rush


Giant Rush is an addictive game where you have to collect as many stickmen as possible. Then, you will battle with another giant. Let's get the victory.

How to play Giant Rush

You will use the mouse to move your stickman to the left or right in order to collect more stickmen and make your character bigger. Keep in mind that only stickmen of the same color as your character will make your character bigger, and stickmen of other colors will make the main character smaller. Your character will fight the big boss once that process is finished; if you get bigger, you will definitely win, so the size increase process is important. By going to the same color line as your character, try to gather more stickmen to make him or her bigger. You will fight the big boss at the end, and it's possible that the one with more size will win. Attack with your mouse click! You can have more fun with other games such as Geometry Dash Jump, Knight 360, FNF Mods, Pokey Stick, etc.

Game control

Use the mouse to play this game.