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Goalkeeper Wiz

About Goalkeeper Wiz


Goalkeeper Wiz is a game in which you play as a goalkeeper in the penalty shootout. Your goal is to defend your goal from 10 shots from your opponent.

Start your goalkeeping career off to a great start with Goalkeeper Wiz! As you make your way to the Globe Cup, look out for golden gauntlets to pick up. These will help you get credits and unlock top teams in the world. You can start your trip in any country you like and you can change teams at any time or you can keep playing with the same team while trying to win another trophy.

You have reached the first stage of your football career. Congratulations! In this section, you can gain achievements by climbing to higher heights and setting new records for yourself. Joining the national team of your dreams is a great way to start your adventure. You have a total of 24 options, and there are eight other teams that will be available to you as you complete the game. Once you've joined your team, it's important to pay attention to the guidelines before entering the playing field. You should practice before trying your luck with the harder option, so take advantage of the simple mode.

The difference between the two difficulty is that, in easy mode you are given an approximate position where the ball will land, while in hard mode you are asked to observe the ball to make well founded judgment. Also, in hard mode, your total credit will increase by 100%. Just move the glove into the right position and you can catch the ball. You can use your credits by unlocking new glove styles and advance your career with personalized skins using them.

How to play

This game can be played with the mouse if you wish. Make a movement with your hand, then click when the ball appears.