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Gun Night.IO

About Gun Night.IO


Gun Night.IO is the game in which your weapon is your sole supporter! Surrounded by other dangerous gamers; let's get rid of them all before they harm you! Can you shoot everyone before they shoot you to reach the top of the leaderboard?

Hotline Miami had a big impact on the game's relentless gunshot fire. To show everyone you are the finest shooter in the world, pull out your reliable gun and enter the arena. Your objective is to remove as many players as you can to get a high score. Before starting your incredible journey, you may choose the appearance of your character from the main menu. You may find a look you like by clicking on the character symbol many times. Make a name for yourself and select a server to play on. You start the game in the safe area. You cannot attack or be attacked while in this area. Use the WASD keys to move about and exit the enclosed space. Click the left mouse button while using the mouse to aim before firing. As you fight enemies, you will get rewards. Take refuge behind the structures and annihilate as many enemies as you can to get the highest points. Do not forget to purchase ammo! Good luck!

How to play

You may play this game with the WAD keys and your mouse.