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Halloween Craft

About Halloween Craft


Halloween Craft is this Halloween fun game, you can create various items countless craft ideas are waiting for you to discover

Utilize both your creativity and memory with Halloween Craft! By combining different Halloween things, you can create many new decorations. How many new things do you find? It depends a bit on your memory, but mostly on the techniques that you have carefully laid out! Are you prepared to join the scariest merge experience right now? If that's the case, hit the play button and get ready for an exciting Halloween journey!

When you think back to this wonderful and joyful holiday, what comes to mind? Where is the cat? Pumpkin? Maybe a hat like that of a witch? In this entertaining puzzle game you can locate all three of them and more. Here you'll find all your favorite Halloween delights, from ghosts to coffins and everything in between. The goal of this game is to maintain the same item combinations for as long as you can. Find all the weird stuff by combining the ones you already have.

You will first see an empty sports table when the game starts. When you select a slot with the mouse, it will be filled with the corresponding object. At the bottom of the game screen, you'll see a list of upcoming goods that you can use to sort them. The game ends after the free space is used up. Remember that in order to combine things, you need to put at least three objects of the same type near each other. Check to make sure that there are no other entries preventing them from being added. Your current score will be displayed at the top of the game screen.

You can upgrade Halloween things by placing objects on the board so that at least three items of the same type are next to each other. Continue leveling up until you have created all the dishes in the recipe list (at the top of the screen). To prevent the board from becoming too crowded, you should combine elements as quickly as possible.


You can insert the item shown in the next box by tapping or clicking anywhere on the board.