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Helix Crazy Jump 3

About Helix Crazy Jump 3


Are you ready for the great destruction in Helix Crazy Jump 3? You will use a ball to destroy the platforms on the screen. Let's relieve stress with this game!

In this game, you must control the rotation to get the ball to the bottom. Keep in mind that you must continue spinning until the ball reaches the bottom, so don't let it leap onto a platform for too long. Players must also stay away from certain colors in order to continue the game without having to watch commercials. To rotate, use your mouse. You must pay close attention to the game to manage the pole since the ball will travel pretty quickly. In this game, let's see how many points you can score. Don't just play a game because there are many fantastic games on our website. You can choose Squid Game Dalgona Candy 3D, FNF Mods, Sports Bike Racing, or Subway Surfer Seoul.

Simple control and easy gameplay in Helix Crazy Jump 3

  • To begin the game, tap.
  • Rotate the pole with your mouse by clicking and dragging it to allow the ball to pass
  • You pass the level and go on to the next one when your ball touches the ground.