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Helix Jumping

About Helix Jumping


Helix Jumping is a fun-addicting 3D game in which you have to help a ball fall to the bottom of a spiral maze. Jump forward in the rising spiral ladder.

How to play Helix Jumping

Control the rotation of the spiral maze to help the ball fall to the bottom, so rotate it to find gaps for the ball to fall and finally reach the bottom of the maze. You should drop the ball between the blocks connected to a long pipe. Avoid the darker blocks on the edges of the maze in the maze, if the ball hits the game over and you have to start over. Challenge your friends and get ready to race for the score. There are many levels waiting for you to challenge. What is the highest score you get? Did you know 105,034,522 points is the world record in this game, you can break this record! What are you waiting for? Show your intelligence and virtuosity by joining our other popular games which are fnf mods, FNF Vs. Aflac Remastered, Music Memory Challenge or One Escape. Have fun!