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Hotel Tycoon Empire

About Hotel Tycoon Empire


Are you ready to become a restaurant tycoon? The Hotel Tycoon Empire game will make your dreams come true. Grow and expand your hotel now! Have fun!

In the incremental idle clicker and business simulator game Hotel Tycoon Empire, you take control of a tiny hotel chain and help it expand. The objective of this game is to turn a modest motel into a sizable hotel empire with several levels and rooms, making you a well-known and prosperous tycoon. The bigger the hotel, the more money you have to spend to upgrade the hotel. Of course, the more profit you earn. Are you a talented trader or not? You can prove your prowess through many games like Emoji Puzzle!, Ski King 2022, Geometry Dash Quantum Processing, FNF Mods, etc.

Some highlights of Hotel Tycoon Empire

  • This game has beautiful graphics and great game music.
  • Children also can play this game.
  • You can spend a lot of hours playing this game because of its addictive gameplay.

Game control: use the mouse to play.