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Huggy Rescue Parkour

About Huggy Rescue Parkour


Huggy Rescue Parkour is survival game, Kissy Missy has been kidnapped by a rogue, and now she is trapped and needs your help.

Are you ready to transform into a hero to rescue Kissy Missy who is now captured. Someone nefarious tried to catch her. Your goal is simple, locate the key and use it to free her. Before you can let your love out into the world, there are many trials and tribulations that you must go through. You can get coins while moving around.

You need to find the key to release Kissy Missy from her cage to complete each level successfully. In addition, you must avoid the pitfalls, enemies and obstacles that you come across along the way. If you want to spend money to kill enemies, you can do so by jumping on top of them.

To navigate the environment, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, mouse to look around, space to jump and press it twice to jump twice. Because each new level is more challenging than the previous one and offers more opportunities to enjoy, we wanted to use this opportunity to send our best wishes to all of you and express our wishes. Sincerely that you will continue to enjoy our wonderful games.

How to play

To play the game and navigate around, use WASD and the arrow keys on your keyboard. Use 'Space' to jump and to pause the game use the letter 'P' on your keyboard.