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Human Wheel

About Human Wheel


Roll the special wheel in the Human Wheel game. You need to collect as many people as possible to make a big human wheel. Then, roll to the finish line.

The mission in Human Wheel

There is a humorous gameplay aspect to this 3D platformer game. The primary goal of the game is to complete each challenge and level. The character motions are what set this game apart from others. To create a huge human wheel, you must gather friends from all across the platform. If you run into them or they run into walls, gaps, or other obstacles, you will lose members of your wheel. How many coins you receive will depend on the size of the wheel. Spending money might increase your website's traffic or the value of your gold coins. A fun and creative method to test your skills are to play this platformer. You also can show your abilities in FNF Mods, Tom and Angela Insta Fashion, Keeper Of The Grove 3, Jump Bunny Jump, or Herobrine vs Monster School.

Game control

Swipe the mouse to control.