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Idle Mining Empire

About Idle Mining Empire


Follow and play the fun game called Idle Mining Empire. Grow a vast network of mines by hiring people, digging more tunnels and upgrading your equipment.

It's time to awaken your business sense. Be your own boss by starting your own business. Build a profitable mining company and keep expanding! Are you ready to assess your mental capacity and skill set to run your own company?

Collect money

Your pocket will be full of cash thanks to a new, popular form of mining investment! All that's left to do is spend it wisely and multiply your money. Let's start our work!

Use workers to extract coal from the ground and transport it there by elevator. Now move it to the warehouse and get the money. Upgrade all your facilities with the money you earn to grow your company. Click continuously to increase your earnings. With the money you earn, you can even hire managers for each site, which will help you grow your company and streamline processes.


  • Upgrade each facility to expand your mining empire.
  • Beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Attractive gameplay.


To play this game you can use the mouse.