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Imposter Dash

About Imposter Dash


In Imposter Dash, the impostor is racing for his life and is starting a tough race. You have to face dangerous obstacles and avoid most of the deadly traps.

Run for your life in Imposter Dash

You will transform into an impostor in this game. The impostor is on the run for his life in this new game. Let's start an intense chase now. A series of deadly obstacles appear throughout the game, and the impostor must avoid the most devastating traps in order to stay alive. You have to keep jumping to overcome the obstacles and stay away from the oncoming astronauts. Only you are able to save yourself. If you are bored of this game, go to fnf mods to experience games like Noob Vs Pro Zombi Apocalypse, Money Movers Maker, Summer Fashion Makeover, etc.

More information about Imposter Dash

  • This game has impressive graphics.
  • You can play this game on a mobile or desktop because of its HTML5 technology.
  • Children also can play this game.

Game control: Mouse or Touch.