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Imposters 99

About Imposters 99


Join the battle of the characters Among Us in the game Imposters 99. Pick up your weapon and destroy all the enemies around you. Don't be defeated!

The clone army is out to get you in this Imposters 99 game, and you can only help them. To win this game, you'll need to be faster, stronger, and taller than your opponents. If you don't use your weapons to eliminate them, they will also use them against you. The level exit portal will not appear until you have finished the quest. There are a variety of weapons at each level that can be used to deal with the enemy more effectively. Pets can also help. If you need them, you can buy them from the store. Enjoy your time! Many interesting games on our web can bring relaxing time to you such as FNF Mods, Traffic Control, Sausage Run, Spin Master, etc.

Game control

Kill all the clones and find the portal to the next room.