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Jungle Run OZ

About Jungle Run OZ


Chase the boy in Jungle Run OZ. You need to catch him to get the stolen potion back. Run as fast as possible and avoid the obstacles on the way.

Get your potion back in Jungle Run OZ

The mischievous kid stole your potion. You need to chase him. This boy is very fast. You have to avoid the stone bridges in the dangerous forest. When you collide with a trap, you will fall. Make sure you get all the green drops left by the boy. You will get more points the more potions you have. You can unlock new zombies or use mutations to improve your character. Your character will run continuously so you just need to navigate him. You will love this platform game with captivating graphics. In addition, we also give you more options like Impostor Hook, FNF Mods, Geometry Dash Crunchy Apple, Toon Drive 3D, etc.

Game control

Use the arrow keys to navigate the character.