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Kick The Pirate

About Kick The Pirate


Kick The Pirate is a fun stress reliever game in which you can attack the pirate with a variety of weapons. Be the strongest in this game!

This is a fun game that you can play online and it will bring you a lot of enjoyment. After the most recent raid, a sailor stole the spoils and squandered them. He was already drunk when he got back to the ship, and he had nothing left to say for himself. The only thing that can be done now is to punish him and clean up the crime of pickpocketing. Boxing moves: stabs and crosses. Make the scoundrel regret his decision by shooting, cutting or poking him. Take his money and use it for more justice management tools.

The goal of the game is to empty the drunkard's energy bar so you can go to the next level. Start by using your bare hands. Collect any potentially harmful particles that may have fallen to the ground and use them to improve your equipment. You can earn even more money for future renovations by equipping them with the help of the top menu. Older captains will be attacked with axes, pistols, and guns, and large things will fall on their heads. When his blood reserves are depleted, he will literally disintegrate. Get the prize, and then proceed to the next round.

Turning himself into a heartless killer that does considerable damage without taking the situation too seriously. Advanced simulations of the maritime industries are the ideal way to release some of that pent up stress. The creators of Kick The Pirate make sure that the game is available for free on all major platforms. Spend a dull day playing it for hours, collect all the content and have fun with it.


  • Exciting ragdoll physics meets combat in a semi-realistic way and doesn't need too many visuals.
  • Unlocking new weapons as part of a continuous progression keeps the game from getting repetitive.
  • The hand drawings are exquisitely executed, and together they create an appropriately calming atmosphere.
  • Use amazing sound effects.

How to play

Kick The Pirate is one of the best pirate games you can play. Use YOUR MOUSE to click or tap the screen to launch quick attacks.