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Layers Roll Online


About Layers Roll Online


Roll the colored bands with the wheel in Layers Roll Online game, try to roll as many as you can along the way and collect as many coins.

Info Layers Roll Online

This game gives you fun, you can play it directly on your computer, phone or tablet anytime. Drag your stickman left and right across the screen so you take layers of color to make a big roll, use it to cross sections of the empty path because otherwise you can't pass them.

As you pass through the portal, you will frequently change colors. When you get to the multiplier section at the end, pour as many coins into it as you can to collect more coins, which you can then spend in the store to buy new skins.

You will encounter many obstacles along the route. There are colorful portals that change the color of your wheel just before crossing new bands, surfaces that peel off layers, and walls that protect you from danger as you go. You can choose options to get as many layers and coins as possible beyond these hurdles.

Game Tips

You are always looking straight ahead and planning your movements. Avoid longer bare surfaces that detract from your roll layers. The odds of winning increase as your wheel gets bigger and more coins are collected.

How to play

Use the mouse to move left or right.