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Mahjong Alchemy

About Mahjong Alchemy


Mahjong Alchemy is a popular new game, learn and join for free now to test your intelligence, do you dare

Selecting the same cards on the screen will allow you to collect them all!
To locate the pairing even faster, exercise your memory and concentration.
Remember that you will get more points the faster you open a pair.
While traveling or returning home after a long day of work, enjoy the atmosphere of a Chinese festival and the enchantment of alchemy!

Exactly the right game to relax and experience good feelings! Also, remember to buy a new card! The price of a card goes up with its beauty and rarity, but it's worth it, I promise!

There are 17 different challenging levels in the game, each with a different theme. The game supports three languages ​​Russian, English and Turkish.

Just click on them, you can connect like cards. More points are awarded the faster you complete it. Missing a pair? Use hints by clicking the relevant side button. Trying to make money if this doesn't work. You can also spend coins on the new card. The more valuable the card, the colder it gets.