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Mahjong Relax

About Mahjong Relax


Mahjong Relax allows you to solve some puzzles. The complexity, setting, theme, music, and even music can be changed. Can you conquer this game?

The rules in Mahjong Relax

You have reached the pinnacle of Mahjong! To suit your mood, you can change the tiles, music, and tile sets' appearance. What's more, you can pick between various game trouble levels to step up as you wish. A number of languages are available, making the experience more accessible to all gamers worldwide. Select your preferred language and begin your first match. Until there are no more tiles, you must match tiles from the same pile. There are a few rules. Only the tiles at the top can be selected. To access the pieces below, you must match the tiles at the top. For every match you win, you'll get stars and gold coins. Gold can be used to unlock additional tile sets, backgrounds, and music, while stars determine your score. Collect gold to create the ideal mahjong scene! There are many other games are waiting for you. They are Outspell, Coloring Fun 4 Kids, FNF Mods, and Love Tester.

Game control: use the mouse.