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Mario Jump

About Mario Jump


Mario appears on our web with new challenges and surprises. You can get some new features in Mario Jump. Can you jump up 100 platforms in this game?

Play Mario Jump online

To win the game, you need to jump up 100 platforms and gather coins. Players must take quick action before the water rises and depletes their oxygen supply. Therefore, you need to jump as fast as you can. However, you need to estimate the time properly because the platforms will move continuously. You have to jump up 100 moving platforms to save the princess. With simple graphics, you can play this game on weak devices. We also offer other games such as Icy Purple Head Slide, Angry Gran Run: Miami, Heroball Adventures, FNF Mods, etc to you.

How to play Mario Jump

  • Use arrow keys and space or shift to jump up
  • Save the Princess from the sinking island by jumping up 100 moving platforms
  • Collect as many coins as possible and avoid the rising water.