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Marshmallow Dash

About Marshmallow Dash


Control the moon square to jump over blocks in Marshmallow Dash. Don't let your square touch these blocks if you don't want to start the game again.

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If you are looking for a game for your leisure time, don't skip this game. You might enjoy this fun game in the geometry dash series. This is going to be a new popular game in the series thanks to the adorable theme. Click now to start playing Marshmallow Dash and have fun. The standard is as yet unchanged yet this time, it will be separated into little missions, you simply have to defeat those levels to dominate the match. Be aware of many obstacles and deadly traps. After conquering this game, you can try FNF Mods, Subway Princess Run, Stair Run Online 2 or Squid Game Marble.

Game controls: Click the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles.