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Match Tile 3D

About Match Tile 3D


In this puzzle game, your task is to find the same objects and clear them all. When the playing fields are empty, then you can go to the next level. There are many themes and characters in this game. From there, you will no longer feel bored. With over 100 levels and two different modes (Zen and Challenge), this game will test your skills. If you want to test your skills first, you should play Friday Night Funkin Vs. Hecker Mod.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

Clear the objects in Match Tile 3D

You can see many objects on the playing field. You have to find out three same objects and group them. Then, they will disappear. When you reduce more objects, this level will be easier. It may be very challenging when there are too many things. If you get stuck and can't find three same things, press the auto button. That will help you solve the problem. Match Tile 3D doesn't have enough thrill for you. You will have hundreds of choices in fnf mods.