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Mental Hospial Espace

About Mental Hospial Espace


Mental Hospial Espace is a fascinating game in which you will play the role of a prisoner incarcerated in a mental institution. Can you leave your life there?

You made the mistake of going to a very foreign place. Now you are being held hostage at the mental institution where you were previously held. Your goal is to free yourself from the confines of the position you are being held. Out of the refugee camp!

If you want to get out of this hospital and get your freedom back, you'll need to have a proper mindset. There are flaws, but they deny that there are flaws and they refuse to let you go. Therefore, all you need to do is make sure you don't put yourself in danger at any cost and hit the right target with the right amount of power. You have a really solid strategy in mind, but sometimes rolling the ball can be a bit difficult. Therefore, make the most of your available abilities and use what you gather to your advantage. You will open several doors, fight against several healers, and go through a lot of different experiences. Are you now prepared to regain your independence?

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  • Vivid graphics in two dimensions
  • There are some helpful hints here.
  • Engaging story progression


The game includes that you can select several alternatives by left clicking on them.