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Merge Master

About Merge Master


Create your most powerful army in the Merge Master game. You can experiment with different techniques and combinations of pairs to create new things.

Merge Master gameplay

You will see the very first conflicts in human history. Sticks, stones, and tamed dinosaurs are among the weaponry used in this ancient conflict zone. We should rejoice over our successes! Delete all you've learned about modern warfare. Only warriors or monsters of the first level are permitted in this field. However, there are techniques to improve their skills. A weaker soldier can be substituted for a first-level one.

The approach will need the employment of troops, but the outcome will be well worth it. Dinosaurs may receive a similar therapy. For an upgrade, combine two monsters of the same level. Afterward, frighten your enemies with your new battle machine! Find new warriors and species to maintain your advantage and stay one step ahead of the opposition. Before each stage, enlist as many soldiers as you can to keep up with the times. Join many other battles in I Like Pizza, FNF Mods, Fruit Mahjong, Ghost Fight IO, and Alchemy.

Game control

Use the mouse to play this game.