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Metal Black Wars

About Metal Black Wars


Mental Black Wars is an exciting game where you have to prevent bad guys from attacking your city. Let's prepare to participate in this serious war.

How to play Mental Black Wars

Your adversaries will be terrified if you make the coolest entry by helicopter! Are you prepared to stave off the invading army's assaults on your city? Run approach the adversary while holding your gun in your hand. Shoot and eliminate each foe. unleash the metal man's strength. With the gold you acquire, you may purchase new, stronger weapons. Enter the menacing land of the metal man now to join the action-packed adventure. Have a wonderful time! In case, you are bored with this game, you can have fun in other games in fnf mods.

Metal Black Wars' characteristics

  • With a landscape that may be destroyed and real-time 3D graphics. There is a game which has beautiful graphics on our web. It is FNF vs Nonsense.
  • You can pick from 3 distinct racial groups.
  • More than 30 tasks, each with a higher level of difficulty
  • 10 different weapon types with upgradeable components
  • To battle your enemy, develop new technology, alter structures, or raise specialized forces.

How to control: Using the mouse to play the game.