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Military Shooter Training

About Military Shooter Training


It's time to practice your sniper skills in Military Shooter Training before facing off against opponents. On every level of this shooting game, hit the target! After conquering each challenging stage with dexterity, accuracy, and a little bit of luck, can you overcome everyone who stands in your way?

Sniper abilities demand more than simply good fortune. You must possess the precision and timing skills enough to hit every target with a single round. You may also practice this in this game! To zoom, aim, and fire your bullet in Military Shooter Training, click and hold the mouse button. Release the button to launch the missile after that. Each time, press the 10x button to get extra stars and money. Once you become used to hitting the target on the first try, explore the various game modes this game has to offer. You may compete against other players in the multiplayer mode, or you can use the time race mode to gauge how much your skills have improved. You may also improve your sniper rifle, ammo, and other items with the cash you earn.

How to play

All you need to play this game is a mouse.