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Milk Crate Challenge 3D


About Milk Crate Challenge 3D


Take on the milk carton step challenge in Milk Crate Challenge 3D. Control your character to step on the milk crate steps without falling.

Take part in a brand new competitive sport. The goal is to use a container made from a plastic milk bottle to climb an improvised tower. For those interested in the platform, here is also a series of tests. Climb the rickety stairs with careful steps, reach the top and then descend safely.

Complete the challenge

The first stage is quite easy, but the later levels get harder and harder. By manually dragging the mouse, the protagonist's left and right paws can be moved. Click and hold the small circle while rotating it clockwise to get there. Flashing light indicates the battery is working. To finish the movement, place it firmly on a flat surface. To end the stage, perform the sequence several times. Use caution and refer to the gauge above if necessary. Keep the arrow from spending too much time in the danger zone. Otherwise, the character will lose all they gain and collapse.

Indeed, completing the task will increase your excitement. You can then practice the necessary techniques to jump over scaffolding as fast as soaring through the air. Have fun racing to complete each stage as fast as you can.

Main features in the game

  • Simple but stylish and colorful graphics
  • Fun ragdoll animation creates cool effects
  • Unique gameplay that requires great balance and coordination
  • Dozens of interesting layouts never repeat
  • Upbeat music motivates players and ignites their enthusiasm

How to play

Use the mouse to spin the circle