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Money Rush

About Money Rush


Making money on the fly is possible with Money Rush! You belong to the group of people that just adore making money. You never have an issue with having too much money. Give it your all to earn money right away and spend it on things that will enable you to earn more.

Here is a fun game where all you have to focus on is the numbers. In this 3D hyper-casual game, you will traverse a platform while collecting money or other priceless tokens. Even if you may just roll down the platform and attempt to get the items, there is something to consider. The path has a number of portals that might affect your financial status. Use math and rapid decision-making to select the appropriate gateway. Beware of financial trickery that resembles the gate's mathematical processes. At the conclusion of the platforms, your tokens will be converted into cash. Additional destinations may be unlocked in the game's off-platform unit. These units, which will serve as idle money-making locations, will multiply your money. In this way, you may keep growing your domain and enjoy the game more.

How to play

Using the mouse, you may slide your tokens side by side over the surface.