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Monster School Challenges

About Monster School Challenges


Monster lessons become more interesting in Monster School Challenges. You will learn many exciting things. You can also have great practice sessions.

How to play Monster School Challenges

Our main characters are Noob and his monster friends. Currently, they are going to school. Noob loves his studies, so make sure he completes all the assignments. This game offers three main mini-games. They are bottle flip, parkour, and roller coaster. These games allow you to play all the characters in the class. You will be assessed on how well you complete the task through an F and A score respectively. While doing the bottle flip, try to land the bottle in a straight line. Parkour must be completed without any danger. You have to control your trolley so it can move smoothly and avoid the TNTs. Choose your favorite character and start the game. In addition, you can also play other games on our website like Endless Siege, 8 Ball Pool Challenge, Square Dash Up, FNF Mods, etc.