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Music Garden

About Music Garden


Do you want to become a composer of good songs like famous music artists, Music Garden is an interesting music game that you should not ignore.

Music Garden is an interactive music game, a new game for anyone who loves music. Test your abilities and compose, arrange and mix your own music in this colorful garden, you'll be in the game in no time!

Simply drag some flowers into your garden and become the first natural music maker. Enhance and develop your musical gardening skills with additional effects that further develop your sound.

You don't have to be a music expert but give it a try and see if you can discover your musical talent

This is also a game to help you relax more every day, easy to play on your phone or mobile device, you can invite your friends to play along and see whose music is more attractive.

- Drag flowers into your garden to make music
- Mute and unmute them by clicking on the flower
- Drag and hold items to create effects.