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Neon Guitar

About Neon Guitar


Everyone may like Neon Guitar music game. To increase your score and pass it, take as many notes as you can as they appear on the screen.

Agent Neon moves quickly and uses lightning-quick talent to take down enemies in an instant.

There are 8 music genres for you to choose, try to complete each genre and get the highest score, the colored round keys move quite fast so focus to score

This is a fun and simple game suitable for everyone to entertain and relax, which can be played on computer or mobile devices! Have fun!

Great game to improve your reflexes while having fun! Gorgeous and vibrant design in neon style. I hope you enjoy your stay!

- Neon Game- Guitar Game- Very Fun

Desktop / Keyboard: A-S-K-L / Mouse Desktop / Gamepad: LT-LB-RB-RT Mobile: On-screen touch buttons